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Worship & Music

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Worship & Music

The Worship & Music Team is responsible for coordinating all aspects

of worship.  This is achieved by bringing together subgroups (Altar Guild) and Volunteers (Readers and Acolytes) that help make worship flow effectively, while providing our congregation a memorable worship experience.

There are two services here at Atonement.  They include:

9:30 a.m. Traditional Service

This service will include traditional hymns and Liturgy.  The service is led by our Celebration Choir, or by individual vocalists.  Instrumental music is led by our Keyboardist, Ken Hanks.  Choir music is led by our Choir Director, Sally Schaefer.

11:00 a.m. Contemporary Service

This service will resemble the Traditional service however, it will include more contemporary / upbeat music.  This service is led by our Contemporary band, and led by our Contemporary Music Director, Brian Lindner.  Sunday School is also available at this service.

Volunteer opportunities:  There are many ways you can volunteer at either service.






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