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Office Hours:
Tuesday, Thursday 10am-2pm
Wednesday, Friday  10am-3pm

Worship Services: Inside the Sanctuary & Live Stream 

9:30 a.m. Traditional Worship

11:00 a.m. Contemporary Worship w/Sunday School

Communion & Live Stream at both services

Mask are optional.

The Helping Hands Food Pantry 8:30-12:30 every Wednesday as a drive through pantry.
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We are located in Wesley Chapel, Florida on the north side of State Road 54 about 1.75 miles east of Interstate 75.  Coming to us from the west and I-75, you will need to make a u-turn at Boyette Road and go back west just a few hundred yards.  Coming to us from the east, look for us about 1/4 mile past the traffic signal at Vandine Road.

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Turning In

We share a driveway (Argerian Dr.) with an office park.  After turning in, please continue to the right to enter the Atonement parking lot.  Parking is available in the front and around the side of the church building.  

Church Wix Drop Off Portico Double Doors

The Drop-Off Area

You will notice a drop-off circle, partially covered by the portico which extends from the front of the church building.  Please use this area when dropping off people needing a wheelchair, walker, or other mobility assistance.  This is also the place to come on Fridays 11:30am-1:30pm if you stop in for Drive-Through Prayer.  When dropping off food for the food pantry, please drive around the side of the building and unload food into the Food Pantry Drop Box by the side door.


Parking is available in the front and around the side of the church building.  Handicapped spaces are designated as close as possible to the front doors.  These spots are paved, but most other parking spaces are on grass.  On Sunday mornings, parking is permitted in the office park area to the west of the church building.  A sidewalk connects the office park parking lot with church property, but this sidewalk is NOT handicapped accessible.

Side Back Parking Su Wix.jpg

Church Entrance

Front Door Su WIX.jpg

Enter the church at the double glass doors around the front under the portico.  This area is handicapped accessible, with sidewalk ramps marked in yellow.  Doors are kept locked during the day for security purposes.  The latest information about upcoming events and food pantry policies is posted near the door.  To gain entry during office hours, press the doorbell mounted to the left of the doorway.  

On Sundays, there will be ushers and greeters to welcome you and assist if needed.  After worship begins, doors are locked to keep the building secure.  If you arrive after the doors are locked, please wait for an attendant to open the door for you.

The building to the right of the main entrance is FRIENDSHIP HALL.  If you are here to attend a service or event that is held in this building, please see below.

Once Inside

When you come in the main entrance, you will find yourself in the ENTRYWAY (also called the "narthex").  The church office will be on your left, with handicapped accessible restrooms and drinking fountain to your right.  Down the hallway on the left you will find:

_MG_5668 (2).JPG
_MG_5590 (2).JPG

The Christian Education Room


The Youth Room

Luther Hall/Katie's Kitchen

Down the hallway on the right you will come to LUTHER HALL/KATIE'S KITCHEN. 


The Choir Room

Fellowship Hall 1.jpg

The Comfort Room

_MG_5595 (2).JPG
_MG_5592 (2).JPG

The Comfort Room is found straight down the left hallway where it turns to the left.  This room is provided for families who feel the need for some privacy as they comfort an infant or young child.  Parents may use it as long as they wish but an adult must stay in the room with any children, since there is no attendant on duty.  

A window in the Comfort Room looks into the sanctuary, and speakers provide the sounds of the service so those using the Comfort Room may continue to worship.  If the speakers are not on, please inform an usher.  

The Sanctuary

_MG_5676 (2).JPG

Straight ahead in the entryway, you will see two sets of double doors.  These lead to the church's main room, the SANCTUARY where worship happens.  An usher or greeter may be there on Sunday to welcome you or provide any needed worship materials.  When the doors are closed and worship is in progress, please open them slowly and quietly or allow an usher to open them for you.

Once inside the sanctuary, you are free to find any seat on the main floor in the worship space.  There are no "assigned seats" but the risers are normally reserved for choir members.  People in wheelchairs can "park" on the left side of the center aisle.   Please make sure the exit doors are kept clear.  Worship services are often recorded or live-streamed, so do be aware that you may appear on video.  If you would like to avoid being on the video, please inform an usher.  

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The Altar


The Baptismal Font


The Stained Glass Windows

Friendship Hall

The smaller building at the front of the church is called FRIENDSHIP HALL.  Activities and meetings take place here throughout the week.  Join us in the Friendship Hall 9:45 a.m. - 10:45 a.m. for coffee and fellowship.  The main entrance is handicapped accessible, and is located in the passage between the buildings.

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