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a t   A T O N E M E N T

Holding Hands



a.    Council Contact:    Dennis    Loomis        Team Lead:    Karen Ericson

b.    Members include Connie Meade, Jordy Lynn, Penny Snyder, Kay Edwards, Cherie Hatlem, Chris Rymer, Jean Jakes, Paul Erickson, Yvette Williams, Pastor Scott

c.    God calls us to lovingly care for the physical and spiritual needs of others.  Caring Ministry is God’s live in action.

The Caring Ministry Team offers supportive services to those in need and provides an opportunity for people to live their faith by serving others.  Through friendship and practical support, Caring Ministry volunteers function as extended family members, doing a broad range of hands-on activities and tasks.

•    Nursing Home, Hospital and Home Visitation
•    Support for Caregivers
•    Food Distribution and Assistance with Meals
•    Eucharistic Ministers to provide communion
•    New Member Shepherds
•    Prayer Ministries
God Squad is available after each service to those who would like personal prayer
Drive-Thru Prayer – Prayer Partners are available Fridays between 11:30 am and
1:30 pm under the Portico to pray with all who stop by.

We seek to respond to the various needs of our church family.  This interaction with our members during difficult times provides them with a real sense of belonging to our church family.

God calls us to be in relationship with one another.  Many of our volunteers develop lasting friendships with those they serve.  Those friendships strengthen the Body of Christ.  Volunteers also discover that in giving of their time and abilities, their own faith grows. 

Caring Ministry volunteers work together to make God’s love real through tangible acts of care and support in times of transition, need and celebration.

We invite you to come to one of our monthly meetings, share your comments and your ideas and, hopefully, decide that you would like to join the Caring Ministry Team.  Our meetings are held at church in the Fellowship Hall.



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The Mission of faith formation is to provide a welcoming and loving environment which will heap each of us to understand what it means to be an ELCA Lutheran type of Christian, to make the Christian faith meaningful in our daily lives; to build and participate in the Christian community; to nurture Christian hope for ourselves and all people; and to equip people to live as disciples of Jesus.

a.    Council Contact:    Jane Gamble        Team Lead:    Julie Kaufmann
Members include Detlev Aeppel and Marj Swikert

b.    Includes the following ministries:

i.    Sunday School (3 Years old thru 5th grade) – Julie

ii.    Children’s Moment - Julie

iii.    Confirmation (program between 6th thru 8th grade) – Pastor Scott

iv.    Youth Group - Jane

v.    Adult Education - Adult Faith Formation

1.    Men’s Group - Detlev

2.    Women’s Bible Study - Marj

vi.    Vacation Bible School - Julie

vii.    Faith Stepping Stones – Pastor Scott

1.    Baptism

2.    3rd Grade Bible (First Bible)

3.    First Communion


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The early church was big on fellowship. Acts 2:42 says, “And they devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers.” Fellowship here means sharing within our congregation. 

a.    Council Contact:    Harley Schlichting    Acting Team Lead:    Salli Conover

b.    Includes the following ministries:

i.    Annual Picnic

ii.    Church Retreat

iii.    Special Events

iv.    Memorial Meals

v.    Photography

vi.    WELCA – Salli and Barb

Responsible for the following key events:

a.    Fall and Spring Bazaar

b.    Reformation Dinner

c.    Prayer shawls

d.    Reverse Lenten

e.    Bakeless Bake Sale





The Finance Team is responsible for the financial affairs of the congregation

a.    Council Contact:    Iris Aeppel        Team Lead:    Iris Aeppel

Members include DeeDee Schlichting, Doug Ungerer, Barb Turner, Cheryl Jefts, Barbara Craig and Paul Weil

b.    Includes the following ministries and responsibilities:

i.    Annual Audit - Committee

ii.    Financial Secretary – Doug Ungerer

iii.    Living Tree  - Barb Turner

iv.    Memorials – DeeDee Schlichting

v.    Offering Recording – Counter  (Doug, Barbara Craig, Cheryl Jefts and

vi.    Partnership with Thrivent Lutheran – Paul Weil


Atonement is proud to be the home of the Helping Hands Food Pantry where we feed indigent/homeless people on a weekly basis on our own church property.

a.    Council Contact:    Rich Etringer        Team Lead:    Carla Haberland

Members include Carla Haberland, Paul Bartel, Paul Weil, Ann Frillman and Barb Packer

b.    Oversight of the Food Pantry including at a minimum:

i.    Food Pantry Setup

ii.    Distribution Day

iii.    Food Pantry Cleanup


Image by Alexander Schimmeck
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Living out God’s call to help and love others.  We reach out to God’s children locally and globally through our acts of service.  We encourage our members to be Disciples of Christ, striving to fulfill Christ’s calling for people to reach out to all through acts of service.

a.    Council Contact:    Conni Kerrigan        Team Lead:    Detlev Aeppel    

b.    Includes the following ministries:

i.    Boy Scouts # 2, Cub Scouts Pack 148 (Doug Hartman) and Girl Scouts # 1208 

ii.    Christian Social Services - Jean Jakes (Baby Showers)

iii.    Columbarium

1.    Team:  Detlev Aeppel, Doug Ungerer, Iris Aeppel, Jim Turner, Scott Giesking, and Bill Anderson

iv.    ELCA Disaster Relief – Pastor Scott

v.    ELCA World Hunger Support – Pastor Scott

vi.    Events

1.    Trunk or Treat - Detlev

2.    Beer and Hymns - Detlev

vii.    Faith Advocacy Coordination Team (FACT) - Detlev

viii.    God’s Work Our Hands Day - Deacons

ix.    Hispanic Outreach Team – Alice and Jean

x.    Reconciling in Christ – Pastor Scott

xi.    Resurrection House 

xii.    Marketing and Advertising – Conni

xiii.    Social Media (i.e. Facebook, YouTube, Blogs) – Su 


Church 2020.JPG
Image by Matt Botsford



a.    Council Contact:    Marlin Swikert        Team Lead:    Marlin Swikert

Members include Detlev Aeppel, Scott Giesking

b.    Areas of responsibility include:

i.    Columbarium – also part of Outreach

ii.    Cleaning and Bathroom Supplies

iii.    Inventory and Material Organization

iv.    Site Maintenance and Repair, including HVAC, Sprinklers,
Landscaping/Lawn Care, Tree Trimming, Fire/Burglar Alarm, Key Card Entry,
Fire Extinguishers/ Emergency Lights, Lift Station, Painting, Pressure Washing. Pest Control, Roofing, Lighting/Electrical Repair, and Plumbing.

v.    Coordinate all County & State Inspections

vi.    Renewal and reviews of maintenance & repair service contract



a.    Council Contact:    Dirk Selland        Team Lead:    Rebecca Parker

Members include Pastor Scott, Pat Weil - Altar Guild, Ken Hanks – Keyboardist, Brian Lindner - Contemporary Music Director, Scott Giesking - IT/Audio/Visual, etc., Sally Schaefer - Interim Choir Director, Walter Meade - Choir Director Search Committee Chair, Detlev Aeppel - Synod Parish Deacon/Outreach, Suzi Morgan - Synod Parish Deacon, Su Lindner - Audio/ Music Coordinator 

b.    When you experience worship at Atonement you come away with a true sense of God’s presence through excellence in music and message.  God’s grace and love is proclaimed to all, in fresh contemporary ways and in the finest traditions of liturgy.  All are welcome to worship at Atonement so you can experience God’s unconditional love.

c.    Includes the following ministries:

i.    Altar Guild - Sacrament Committee

ii.    Digital Evangelism - “The Stream Team”

iii.    Hospitality - Welcome Team - Greeters and Ushers

iv.    Music

         1.    Celebration Choir

         2.    Children’s Choir

         3.    Contemporary Praise Band

         4.    Musical Performances

v.    Worship Participants

1.    Acolytes

2.    Assisting Ministers

3.    Communion Assistants

4.    Lectors


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