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God's Work Our Hands

That time of year is coming in 13 days!!! God's Work our Hands!! A day as a national church all the ELCA congregations dedicate to come together on the same day to do service work to help the community around them. This year we are partnering with the Pasco County Sheriff Department's Behavioral Health Intervention Team (BHIT). You will hear more of what BHIT does in our community on September 12 during our worship service. One of the many ways BHIT helps the community is by reaching out to the homeless population. When they engage with the homeless population they want to help them further by providing them with basic hygiene products. This is where we at Atonement Lutheran Church come to put our hand into work. Our part in this partnership with BHIT is to create Homeless Care Packages. It is inexpensive and easy to make and most importantly, the whole family can take part in creating these at home. This is what you will need.

In a 1 gallon or larger Ziploc bag:

· Toothbrush

· Tooth Paste

· Bar of Soap

· Deodorant

· Hand Sanitizer

· Disinfectant Wipes

· Disposable Face Mask

· Bottle of Water

· Hair Comb

· Shaving Razor

· Bandages

· Protein or Granola bar

· Inspirational message or bible verse (if you have children, this is a great project for them)

Female Hygiene Products Add-on

· Tampons or Period Pads

· Wet Wipes

I did some homework and went to Dollar Tree located at the Grove and looked for some of the items for the packages. Here are some pictures of the items I found. All these items are a dollar each. Besides these items that I took pictures of, they have a pack of 6 bottles of water, a box of multiple bandages, and a pack of 6 combs.

Pack of 13 storage zipper bags $1

Pack of 4 toothbrushes $1

Pack of 8 tampons $1

Pack of 3 bars of soap $1

Pack of 10 Razors $1

This is what I found in one of the more budget-friendly stores. I am positive you can find these items in other stores like Walmart, Target, and Publix.

If you have any questions please contact me Esthel Marie at 813-580-1519

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