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Pastor Scott's Latest Wesley Chapel Times article

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

I almost stepped on it. While tromping around the backyard picking up sticks and branches, I happened to look down. A couple inches from my right shoe was a tiny bundle of fur. Bending closer I could see it was a baby squirrel, barely breathing, its eyes closed tight. I looked up into the branches high above me, amazed.

Already the sky was getting dark, and the owls would soon be out. I went in the house pondering the most merciful way to put the little creature out of its misery. Then I made a decision that took its fate completely out of my hands. I told my wife about it. Before I knew it, she had it in a shoebox in the bedroom and was feeding it from an eyedropper. She went into action contacting local animal rescue teams, and within a few hours people came to our door and whisked off the baby squirrel that I had been ready to execute. A couple weeks later we got word that the squirrel was doing fine.