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Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Maybe you know Dan. Skinny as a rail with bright eyes and a limp, Dan is the homeless man I see around town now and then. He stayed in a shelter for a while, but it was difficult. Friendly as he is, he has a condition that makes it hard to be around people for extended periods. Now he lives in his car full time, which he struggles to keep running. I’ve helped him out with car repairs a few times, and he always says he’ll pay me back. “Don’t worry about it, Dan,” I tell him. “God’s taking care of you.” He’s not so sure.

He’s awaiting the disability settlement that will allow him to get an apartment. He was told his money will come in January. Last January. He’s still waiting. Dan can be down in the dumps one minute, grieving his daughter who died of cancer. Then he’ll brighten as he wonders if his Yankees will have a chance next year. Dan took showers at the fitness club where he has a membership, but now the fitness club is closed due to COVID-19. Dan knows the waitress at the local restaurant. She’d bring him extra-large portions and charge half price. Now the restaurant is closed due to COVID-19.

I pray for people like Dan and the many people who were at risk before this health crisis started but are now in genuine danger. I’m praying for the more than 250 families waiting as we struggle to get enough donations to reopen our food pantry. I pray for us all -- those of us wondering how they’ll make it through the week, and those of us who are doing fine riding out this crisis. Those in the latter category, give thanks and give generously to your local charities, businesses, and houses of worship helping those in need. Those in the first, know that God loves you and is taking care of you. May he give you all you need to be sure.


Pastor Scott Lindner

Atonement Lutheran Church

Wesley Chapel, Florida

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