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All Women of Atonement are invited to Friendship Hall on Saturday January 13 at 11 AM to enjoy an International Cuisine! 'International Food' is the theme! Bring a favorite food from your heritage.....or....... just something you'd like to share. Please bring an explanation of your food to accompany your dish. Last year, the luncheon was a hit! Thus, let's do a repeat with new foods!

A short meeting will be held as we begin 2024.

Reminder: February will be the election of new officers. Per our WELCA charter, Salli Conover & Barb Turner, our Atonement WELCA Co-Coordinators, will not be eligible for re-election. Please consider volunteering for one of the positions. Co-Coordinators has worked well for Salli & Barb. Positions: Coordinator(s), Secretary, and Treasurer.

Women of Atonement, mark your calendars. Friendship Hall. Saturday January 13 at 11 AM. Bring your International/Favorite food to share.

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